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 Hollywood Weekly -(article)

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Midnight Miss Suki
Midnight Miss Suki

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PostSubject: Hollywood Weekly -(article)   Sat 12 Feb 2011 - 4:15

La observadora intercultura, escritora y ya una buena amiga del sitio GlamBeckhams ha escrito un buen artículo sobre nuestra querida Victoria Beckham para la revista Hollywood Weekly edición Enero 2011.
Laura nos lo ha enviado a nuestro Facebook para compartilo con todos nosotros. Divina!
No te lo pierdas. El artículo esta en ingles.
Intercultural Observer, writer and already a good friend of GlamBeckhams website has written a very nice article about our dear Victoria Beckham for Hollywood Weekly magazine January 2011 edition.
She shared with all of us the online article through our facebook. Sweet!
Don't miss it =)
Thank you very very much, Laura and big congrats!! Im so happy for you.

PAG: 32-33

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Posh Becks

Posh Becks

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PostSubject: Re: Hollywood Weekly -(article)   Sat 12 Feb 2011 - 17:48

Muchas gracias a Laura!!

Que divina!!
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Hollywood Weekly -(article)
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